Craftsman 139.53915D Garage Door Opener User Manual

Install the Lights
Press the release tabs on both sides of lens. Gently rotate lens
back and downward until the lens hinge is in the fully open
position. Do not remove the lens.
Install a 100 watt maximum light bulb in each socket. Light
bulb size should be A19, standard neck only. The lights will
turn ON and remain lit for approximately 4-1/2 minutes when
power is connected. Then the lights will turn OFF.
Reverse the procedure to close the lens.
Use A19, standard neck garage door opener bulbs for
NOTE: Use only standard light bulbs. The use of short neck or
speciality light bulbs may overheat the endpanel or light socket.
Attach the Emergency Release Rope and Handle
Thread one end of the rope through the hole in the top of the
red handle so “NOTICE” reads right side up as shown. Secure
with an overhand knot at least 1" (2.5 cm) from the end of the
rope to prevent slipping.
Thread the other end of the rope through the hole in the
release arm of the outer trolley.
Adjust rope length so the handle is 6 feet (1.83 m) above the
floor. Ensure that the rope and handle clear the tops of all
vehicles to avoid entanglement. Secure with an overhand knot.
NOTE: If it is necessary to cut the rope, heat seal the cut end with
a match or lighter to prevent unraveling.
To prevent possible SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH from a falling
garage door:
If possible, use emergency release handle to disengage
trolley ONLY when garage door is CLOSED. Weak or broken
springs or unbalanced door could result in an open door
falling rapidly and/or unexpectedly.
NEVER use emergency release handle unless garage
doorway is clear of persons and obstructions.
NEVER use handle to pull door open or closed. If rope knot
becomes untied, you could fall.
100 Watt (Max)
Standard Light Bulb
Release Tab
100 Watt (Max)
Light Bulb
To prevent possible OVERHEATING of the endpanel or light
DO NOT use short neck or specialty light bulbs.
DO NOT use halogen bulbs. Use ONLY incandescent.
To prevent damage to the opener:
DO NOT use bulbs larger than 100W.
• ONLY use A19 size bulbs.
Release Arm
Release Handle