Amana REMOTE CONDENSING UNIT Air Conditioner User Manual

Check the thermostat to confirm that it is properly set.
Wait 15 minutes. Some devices in the outdoor unit or in programmable thermostats will prevent compressor
operation for awhile, and then reset automatically. Also, some power companies will install devices which shut
off air conditioners for several minutes on hot days. If you wait several minutes, the unit may begin operation on
its own.
Check the electrical panel to see if any circuit breakers have tripped or fuses have failed. If they have, you may
reset the circuit breaker(s) or replace the fuse(s) once without calling a servicer.
To avoid the risk of equipment damage or fire, install the same amperage or fuse as you are replacing. If the
circuit breaker or fuse should open again within thirty days, contact a qualified servicer to correct the problem. If
you repeatedly reset the breaker or replace the fuse without having the problem corrected, you run the risk of
severe equipment damage.
There are several built-in safety features that may automatically shut off the unit under abnormal operating conditions.
If your system does not operate normally, take time to perform the following checks before requesting service. A
couple of simple checks may allow you to avoid a service call. If the following steps do not resolve the problem,
contact a qualified servicer for further troubleshooting and/or repairs. Do not attempt troubleshooting beyond that
which is outlined below.
Before Calling Your Servicer
Check the disconnect switch near the indoor furnace or blower to confirm that it is closed.
Check the outdoor unit to confirm that it has not been covered on the sides or the top. If it has been covered by
a large object that you can easily remove, you may do so without calling a servicer. If it is covered with dirt or
debris, call a qualified servicer to clean it.
Check the indoor air inlets and outlets to confirm that they are not blocked by rugs, curtains, or other objects; or
have not been accidentally closed. If air cannot get into a room, the room will not be comfortable.
If airflow through all the air outlets seems low, check the filter. If it is dirty, clean or replace it.
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March 2004