Amana REMOTE CONDENSING UNIT Air Conditioner User Manual

Do not exceed the set point limits preset at the
factory. As shipped from the factory, your comfort
system is designed to provide cooling only when the
outdoor temperature is 55°F or higher. Exceeding
these limits may result in severe equipment
In some commercial applications or in a few homes, you
may need cooling indoors even when the outdoor
temperature is less than 55°F. If you do, discuss it with
your dealer before operating your comfort system during
cool weather.
In most homes, these limits will not cause problems. To
avoid potential problems, you may want to remind
children not to play with the thermostat.
Over adjusting or “jiggling” the thermostat switch will
cause the compressor on the outdoor unit to turn on
then off, then quickly on again. Eventually this will
cause a blown fuse, a tripped circuit breaker, and/or
a damaged compressor. Do not move the
temperature selector on the thermostat for at least
five minutes after the compressor has shut off.
IMPORTANT: Keep light bulbs and other heat sources
away from the thermostat. Heat from these items may
cause the thermostat to falsely register the temperature
of the room as warm when in actuality it may be quite
Residential room thermostats must be exposed to the
air in the room in order to accurately control room
temperature. It must
not be covered. Thermostats used
in commercial buildings however can be covered if
approved thermostat guards are used. If you need a
thermostat guard for your commercial building, contact
your dealer or another qualified servicer.
Some comfort systems will include a programmable
thermostat. If your system does not include a program-
mable thermostat, you may want to discuss it with your
dealer. Programmable thermostats can automatically
switch to a more economical temperature setting when
your building is unoccupied or you are sleeping. Pro-
grammable thermostats automatically switch to a more
comfortable temperature setting at the time you have
previously selected. A programmable thermostat can
reduce operating costs without substantially reducing
For more information on your thermostat, consult the
literature that shipped with your thermostat. If you have
read it and still have questions, contact your dealer.
Typical Thermostat Operation