Amana REMOTE CONDENSING UNIT Air Conditioner User Manual

Electrical Power Supply
Many outdoor units include a crankcase heater. This
small heater warms the oil in the compressor for im-
proved lubrication. Once the needed temperature has
been reached, most of these heaters will shut off
These heaters work effectively, but not rapidly. If your
outdoor unit has a crankcase heater and the power has
been disconnected from your outdoor unit for more than
two hours, you must connect electrical power to the
outdoor unit for at least four hours before setting the
thermostat so as to cause the unit to come on.
Not all outdoor units have crankcase heaters. If you are
not certain whether yours does or not, contact your
If your outdoor air conditioning (not heat pump) unit
does have a crankcase heater, you may wish to shut it
off in the fall after cooling season is completely over. To
do this, simply open the disconnect switch which is near
the outdoor unit, or turn the proper circuit breaker at the
electrical panel to the OFF position. This could save you
a small amount of your winter electrical bills. If you
choose to do this, remember - a four hour warm-up
period with the electrical power connected is necessary
before running the air conditioner again in the spring. If
you forget this warm-up period, you run the risk of
severe equipment damage.
Your comfort system uses R-22 as a refrigerant. R-22
has been used as a refrigerant for many years. It is
classified as an HCFC (Hydrochlorofluorocarbons).
Recent evidence suggests that HCFCs, when released
into the atmosphere, play a role in the thinning of the
earth’s ozone layer. Therefore, the EPA (Environmental
Protection Agency, a branch of the U.S. Federal Gov-
ernment) is beginning to implement new regulations
regarding the purchase, handling, and use of HCFCs
including R-22. Some of these regulations may increase
the cost of installation and service work on air condition-
ing and refrigeration equipment.
When your comfort system is operating properly, the
refrigerant is contained within airtight passages. No
refrigerant escapes into the atmosphere during normal
When repair or replacement of your comfort system
becomes necessary, it is essential that you hire a
qualified servicer to perform the work. A qualified
servicer will have the tools and training necessary to
ensure that EPA regulations are followed. U.S. residents
who ignore or intentionally violate the EPA regulations
are in violation of the law, and may be subject to fines or
other penalties.
Most of your questions can be answered by your local dealer. Check with your dealer first if you need further informa-
tion regarding the operation, maintenance, or service of your unit. If you have other matters that cannot be resolved
locally, or you need additional information regarding other heating and cooling products offered by us - please call:
1-877-254-4729 (U.S. only)
email us at:
fax us at: (731) 856-1821
(Not a technical assistance line for dealers.)
Outside the U.S., call 1-713-861-2500.
(Not a technical assistance line for dealers.)
Your telephone company will bill you for the call.
Ask your participating dealer about our extended service plan. It adds to the strong
warranty with additional parts and labor coverage.
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