Amana REMOTE CONDENSING UNIT Air Conditioner User Manual

We strongly recommend a bi-annual maintenance checkup be performed before the heating and cooling seasons
begin by a qualified servicer.
Routine Maintenance
IMPORTANT NOTE: Never operate unit without a filter
installed as dust and lint will build up on internal parts
resulting in loss of efficiency, equipment damage and
possible fire.
An indoor air filter must be used with your comfort
system. A properly maintained filter will keep the indoor
coil of your comfort system clean. A dirty coil could
cause poor operation and/or severe equipment damage.
Your air filter or filters could be located in your furnace,
in a blower unit, or in “filter grilles” in your ceiling or
walls. The installer of your air conditioner or heat pump
can tell you where your filter(s) are, and how to clean or
replace them.
Check your filter(s) at least once a month. When they
are dirty, clean or replace them.
You may want to ask your dealer about high efficiency
filters. High efficiency filters are available in both elec-
tronic and non-electronic types. These filters can do a
better job of catching small airborne particles.
To avoid personal injury or death due to electrical
shock, disconnect the electrical power before
cleaning the coil(s).
Air must be able to flow through the outdoor unit of your
comfort system. Do not construct a fence near the unit
or build a deck or patio over the unit without first dis-
cussing your plans with your dealer or other qualified
servicer. Restricted airflow could lead to poor operation
and/or severe equipment damage.
Likewise, it is important to keep the outdoor coil clean.
Dirt, leaves, or debris could also restrict the airflow. If
cleaning of the outdoor coil becomes necessary, hire a
qualified servicer. Inexperienced people could easily
puncture the copper tubing in the coil. Even a small hole
in the tubing could eventually cause a large loss of
refrigerant. Loss of refrigerant can cause poor operation
and/or severe equipment damage.
Do not use a condensing unit cover to “protect” the
outdoor unit during the winter, unless you first discuss it
with your dealer. Any cover used must include “breath-
able” fabric to avoid moisture buildup.
The compressor motor is hermetically sealed and does
not require additional oiling.
Indoor and outdoor fan motors are permanently lubri-
cated and do not require addtional oiling.