Allstar Products Group 6500 Garage Door Opener User Manual

Your 6000 Series Residential Garage Door Opener is furnished with an enhanced 2 Wire All-Clear™
Photosystem. New features include:
Time-Saving Electrical Connections. No screw terminals! Just strip the ends of the wires back 5/16 inch
and use the supplied wire nut connectors for a quick hook-up to pre-wired garages or to the wires you run on
site. See the figure above applicable to your installation.
Universal Wiring Capabilities. The All-Clear™ Photosystem can be wired in series or parallel combinations.
Virtually any existing wiring can be used. See the figures above.
Improved Sunlight Immunity. Under certain conditions, direct sunlight can overpower photobeam systems.
We have provided an extra internal circuitry to reduce sunlight problems. When required, the position of the
transmitter and receiver may be interchanged with out rewiring.