AEG 8000038784_00_BAL_en Water Heater User Manual

On grid (Green LED on)
The inverter is connected to the grid and energises the grid. The inverter disconnects if: It de-
tects abnormal grid conditions (depending on country settings), if an internal event occurs or if
no PV power is available (no power is supplied to the grid for 10 minutes). It then goes into
connecting mode or off grid mode.
Fail Safe (Red LED flashing)
If the inverter detects an error in its circuits during the self-test (in connecting mode) or during
operation, the inverter goes into fail safe mode. The inverter will remain in fail safe mode until
PV power has been absent for a minimum of 10 minutes, or the inverter has been shut down
completely (AC + PV).
Refer to the section on
for further information.
1. Introduction
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