Sears 1340 Sewing Machine User Manual

(__jGuide plate
Select correct template for type button-
hole you want. Insert template into slot of
guide plate. Turn template advance knob
to desired size.
Slip guide plate onto machine so it fits in
place with pinion gear in the center of arc
hole of template. Be sure guide block is
inserted in guide slot.
Your machine controls should be set as
shown on page 44. You will note that the
stitch selector can be set for several stitch
widths. This will result in thicker or
thinner buttonholes as illustrated on
page 44. The type of fabric you use will
determine what width you use. Be sure to
make a practice buttonhole first.
Pick up bobbin thread through guide plate
by turning hand wheel. Place fabric
between presser foot and guide plate.
Align marked buttonhole with center
marking on foot. Line up edge of fabric
with markings on guide plate, If you wish
all buttonholes to be 3/4" from edge of
garment, for example, line up fabric with
3/4" marking each time you start a