Sears 1340 Sewing Machine User Manual

Now that you are familiar with the controls
on your machine and with the accessories
pr,ovided for the machine, you are ready to
start to sew with your sewing machine,
Below are some good habits to follow each
time you sit down to sew:
1, Check the needle-it should be straight,
properly set and sharp on the point.
it should be the correct size for the fabric
and thread being used, Do not be afraid
to change your needle frequently. Many
of the new fabrics made of synthetic
blends tend to dull the needles more
easily than fabrics made of natural fibers,
Before placing the material on the
machine, see that the ends of the threads
have been drawn about 3 -4 inches to the
rear of the machine, Hold on to threads
during the sewing of the first 3 or 4
stitches of the seam.
Test the machine stitch on a scrap of
fabric you plan to use, The fabric should
be double thickness, Adjust the machine
for the length of stitch and tension
suitable to your fabric,
Fabric should be placed under the presser
foot with the bulk of the material to the
left of the needle and the right edge of the
material placed on the 5/8" seam marking
on the needle plate when making a simple
Run the machine at a slow even speed.
The more pressure you put on the foot
control, the faster the machine will sew.
6. Fasten each seam by back tacking at the
beginning and end of the seam.
7. Always finish sewing each seam with the
needle at its highest point.
8. Guide the fabric gently with your hand in
front of the needle. Never pull or hold the
fabric in such a way, that the normal
feeding is altered.
When turning the hand wheel manually,
always turn it toward you.