Sears 1340 Sewing Machine User Manual

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It is best to begin and end seams with a few
stitches taken in reverse. This is called back
tacking. Back tacking fastens the ends of the
seams firmly and prevents raveling.
When reverse stitching is needed, turn the
control clockwise and hold there during
sewing. The fabric will immediately start
feeding backwards and seam will be
Push down the outer ring of the pressure
regulator. This will release the pressure on
the presser foot. To increase the pressure,
push down inner pin until a suitable pressure
is obtained.
insufficient pressure may cause poor feeding
of the fabric, skipped stitches, or difficulty in
guiding the fabric. If feed dogs or presser
foot marks appear on the fabric, reduce the
For sewing of medium weight fabric, the
inner pin should be pushed all the way down.
When sewing multiple thicknesses or heavy
fabric, reduce the pressure with the pin ½
way down.
Light weight fabrics need full pressure,
unless feed dog marks are visible on fabric.
Reduce slightly to eliminate marks, but retain
good feeding.