Samsung SU-2950 Series Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

Clearing Blockages
Disconnect cleaner from electrical outlet.
The hose on the back of the vacuum cleaner that carries the dirt from the nozzle to the Dirt Cup can
sometimes become clogged. If you notice a change in the sound of the vacuum motor, check for blockages.
Remove the Hose and
disconnect the Wand.
Check for clogs in the vacuum
base, the wand, the hose and
the suction inlet.
If the blockage persists, turn
the vacuum cleaner off and
unplug it. Remove the bottom
plate. Lift up the short hose in
the base of the vacuum.
Inspect the hose for clogs and
remove any obstructions.
Replace the short nozzle hose
and the bottom plate.
Check Upper Tank and Grille
Cyclone. To open the Cap,
grasp the holder and turn
Toward the left. If the Grille
was blocked, check and clear
the grille in the center of the
Brush bar Replacement
Remove the tool from the hose,
and turn upside down. Slide the
switch to unlock position.
Remove bottom plate.
And remove brushbar and
Inspect belt to ensure that it is in
good condition. If broken or
cracked, please replace. (See
below for details.)
With the curved ends facing
down, slide end plates of
brushbar into slots on the tool.
To replace bottom plate, insert
the four tabs on edge of
bottom plate into slots on front
of tool. Pivot bottom plate
down and snap closed.
3-14 3-16
Use for upholstered furniture, carpeted stairs and hard-to-reach places.
3-17 3-18 3-19
Mini Turbo Brush
Belt Replacement
Grasp turbine and pull firmly to
Remove belt from turbine pulley.
Replace with new belt.
With flat sides of turbine
retainers pointing down, slide
retainers into grooves in tool
housing and snap into place.
Replace brushbar and bottom
Cleaning Brushbar
• Cut off pet hairs or threads
surrounding brush by using