Samsung SU-2950 Series Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

Carpet height
Carpet and rug cleaning takes
place at the nozzle (A).
When it is necessary to raise
and lower the nozzle for
various carpet pile heights,
rotate the nozzle control dial
(B) to the desired setting.
For maximum cleaning
performance, The following
carpet height settings are
Lowest setting: for bare
Medium setting : for short
and medium pile carpets
Higher settings: for very
deep pile carpet where
easier pushing effort is
desired, while maintaining
good cleaning performance.
Note: If the cleaner is difficult
to push, rotate knob to the
next higher setting.
Cleaning lightweight
flexible rugs
Stand on one end of rug and move
cleaner toward other end or edge.
Before reaching edge, push down on
handle. This will lift up the nozzle(front of
cleaner)and will prevent rug from clinging
to cleaner.
Continue to lift front of cleaner so that
when you have reached the edge, it is
completely off the rug. Move cleaner
back to start again, lower front of cleaner,
and use only forward strokes.