Samsung SU-2950 Series Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

The belt
The belt on your cleaner causes the
agitator to rotate and is important for
the effective operation of the
cleaner. The belt is located under
the bottom plate of the cleaner and
should be checked from time to time
to be sure it is in good condition.
When to replace
Disconnect cleaner from
electrical outlet.
To check belt, remove bottom plate
as shown in “How to replace.”
Replace belt if it is stretched, cut or
Remove agitator and used belt.
Discard used belt.
3-7 3-8
Insert agitator through belt and place
belt in belt guide (C) on agitator.
Should the agitator shield (D)
become dislodged while replacing
the belt or the agitator, reposition it
as shown, noting the placement of its
belt guide (E)
When to replace the
agitator brush roll
When agitator brushes are worn, the
agitator should be replaced.
To check condition of brushes,
disconnect cleaner from electrical
Move the edge of a card across
bottom plate while turning agitator.
To maintain cleaning effectiveness,
replace agitator if brushes do not
touch card.
Grasp agitator firmly and fit it into
position by first sliding the end opposite
the belt into the rectangular slot (F) on
side of cleaner.
Pull other side of agitator (G) into place.
Turn agitator, making sure belt is not
pinched between agitator and agitator
With lettering on outside of belt and
positioned as shown in box on (D),
slide new belt over motor pulley (B).
How to replace
Disconnect cleaner from electrical
Remove bottom plate, belt and
agitator following directions in “The
belt” section beginning with Fig. 3-10.
Discard old agitator.
Continue following the directions in
“The belt” section to reposition belt,
new agitator and bottom plate.
Reposition bottom plate and 5
screws. Tighten screws securely.
3-12 3-13
How to replace
Disconnect cleaner from electrical
Place handle in low position and turn
cleaner over so bottom side is up.
Remove the 5 screws as shown with
a screw driver.