Kenmore 625.38556 Water System User Manual

A suitable drain point is needed for the reject water from
the Reverse Osmosis Filter. You have two options to
choose from:
Install the Drain Adapter included with your unit
See Figures 6, 7 & 8. This is used in under the sink
installations. The drain adapter kit is installed onto
your sink drain pipe above the P-trap. See Figure 6.
Use another existing drain in your home
This is usually used in remote location type installa-
tions. The drain tube from the Reverse Osmosis Filter
runs directly to an open drain. See Figures 9 & 10.
NOTE: Local code may dictate which type of drain instal-
lation is used. Other than local code, either drain installa-
tion types may be used. Consult a plumber if you are not
familiar with plumbing procedures.
(Under sink Installation)
In an under the sink installation, you normally use the
P-trap drain adapter. A drain adapter kit is included in
your package. Review the drain adapter kit parts in
Figure 8. The drain adapter is always installed in the sink
drain pipe, above or ahead of the P- trap. See Figures 6
& 8. Be sure to comply with your local plumbing codes.
The drain adapter fits 1-1/2" sink drain pipes. Other drain
pipe fittings, purchased locally, may be needed in addi-
tion to the adapter.
1. Slowly disassemble the sink drain pipe between the sink
P-trap and the sink tailpiece. See Figures 6 & 8.
2. Clean the sink tailpiece to assure a leak-tight fit.
3. Install drain adapter directly onto the sink tailpiece
using the ferrule and nut. Snug the nut, but do not tight-
en. See Figure 7.
4. Assemble the drain tubing connector to the drain
adapter using the ferrule and nut. Snug the nut, but do
not tighten. See Figure 7.
NOTE: Locate so drain tubing from the Reverse
Osmosis faucet will make a straight run to the adapter,
without dips, loops, low spots or kinks. See Figure 8.
5. Turn the connector to about 45 ° (10:00 or 2:00 posi-
tion). See Figure 7. Tighten the nut securely.
6. Assemble the P-trap to the drain adapter, and other
drain pipe fittings as required to complete the drain
run. See Figure 6.
NOTE: If needed, you can cut the unthreaded end of
the adapter to make it fit. Do not cut too short or the
adapter will not make a leak-tight seal with the con-
necting fitting.
7. Tighten all connections, but do not over tighten plastic
Under The Sink Installation
Single trap
! _ Adapter
Double Trap
P-Trap J_
Ngr_ Sink Tailpiece
Ferrule O Drain Adapter
Figure 6
10:00"', z
Cut, if
Drain Tubing
Connector Figure 7
i_J J_B_bCk Drain
[-_ n_ __""_ Drain Adapter"
LJ-_H C_T C_OLD _F_._ P_Trap
IMPORTANT:Locatedrainadapter sowhen the blackdraintube
from the ReverseOsmosisFaucetisinstalledlater on, it
will makea straightrun tothe adapter,withoutdips,
loops,lowspotsor kinks.
Figure 8
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