Heat Controller PE-91A PE-121A Air Conditioner User Manual

Heat Controller, Inc.
1900 Wellworth Avenue
Jackson, MI 49203
When this portable air conditioner operates in the cool mode, fresh outdoor air
must be directed into the unit and hot air must be exhausted out of the room to
complete heat exchange of the condenser. When the unit operates in FAN or
HEAT mode, no outdoor air is used hence it is not necessary to complete
window kit installation.
Installation Kit:
Air Inlet & Air Outlet Hose (2 sets)
Telescoping Window Panel Kit
Unit with Hoses Attached Cover the Exhaust Port When Unit Not in Use
There are two exhaust ports at the back of the unit. Cover the exhaust ports
when unit is not in use. To ready unit for installation, remove the exhaust port
cover by turning in a counter-clockwise direction.