GE GXRM10RBL Water System User Manual

Reverse Osmosis Cartridge—The cartridge, inside
the Reverse Osmosis housing, includes a tightly
wound, special membrane. Water is forced through
the cartridge where the membrane reduces the
dissolved solids and other contaminants, as specified
on page 3. High-quality product water exits the
Reverse Osmosis housing and goes to the storage
tank. Reject water, with the dissolved solids and
other contaminants, as specified on page 3, leaves
the housing and is discharged to the drain through
Postfilter—After leaving the storage area,
but before going to the system faucet, product
water goes to the postfilter which is inside the
sump. The postfilter is also a replaceable sediment
cartridge that contains activated carbon. Any
remaining tastes, odors or sediments are reduced
from product water by the postfilter. Clean, high-
quality drinking water flows through the tubing
and to the system faucet.
System Monitor—
A timer is provided in the faucet
base to remind you when it is time to replace your
prefilter and postfilter. Replace the filters when the
amber light begins to flash in order to protect the
RO membrane and keep the system functioning
properly. Be sure to remove and replace the
battery at the same time to reset the timer.
Flow Control—The flow control regulates the flow
of water through the Reverse Osmosis cartridge at
the required rate to produce high-quality water.
The control is located in the Reverse Osmosis
housing drain port. A small, cone-shaped screen
fits over the front end of the flow control to prevent
clogging due to sediments in drain water. The flow
control and screen should be replaced each time
the Reverse Osmosis membrane cartridge is
About the reverse osmosis system.
Flow control
1/4black tubing
(to drain)
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