GE 215c1002p004-4 Water System User Manual

Operating Instructions Safety InstructionsCustomer Service Troubleshooting Tips
Before you call for service…
Problem Possible Causes What To Do
Chlorine taste and/or
The ppm of chlorine in your
If the water supply contains more than 2.0 ppm of chlorine,
odor in the Reverse
water supply exceeds maximum additional filtering of the water supply to the Reverse
Osmosis product water
limits and has destroyed the Osmosis is needed. Correct this condition before doing
Reverse Osmosis membrane. maintenance on the Reverse Osmosis system.
The prefilter is no longer Replace the Reverse Osmosis membrane cartridge,
removing chlorine from control, screen, prefilter, postfilter and batteries in the
the water supply. electronics box.
Other taste and/or odor
High quality product water This is normal.
may have a different taste
than what you’re used to.
Low water usage Completely drain system and allow to refill.
Contamination in product
Use sanitizing procedures.
water storage.
Prefilter and postfilter
Replace the prefilter and postfilter.
need to be changed.
Water leaking from
Drain side of faucet air gap Inspect and eliminate restriction or plug. It is important
faucet air gap hole
(3/8² tubing) plugged, restricted that there are no dips, loops or low spots in the drain line
or incorrectly connected to the from the faucet air gap to the drain pipe. Refer to
drain point. Installation Instructions for proper drain connection. If
drain line adapter was used as the drain point, periodic
inspection/cleaning is recommended.
System makes product
This is normal. Water flow rate will be lower than your regular faucet.
water slowly
Water supply to the Reverse Increase water pressure, precondition the water, etc., as
Osmosis system not within needed to conform before doing maintenance on the
specifications. Reverse Osmosis system.
Prefilter cartridge plugged Replace the prefilter.
If rate does not increase,
replace the
with sediments and/or the postfilter, Reverse Osmosis cartridge, flow control, screen
Reverse Osmosis cartridge and batteries in the electronics box.
plugged with sediments.