Frigidaire 2020252A1054 Air Conditioner User Manual

Installation Instructions
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Installation Instructions
1. Take out the hoses from the package.
2. Remove adaptor A from unit by sliding sideways (Fig. 3).
3. Extend the other end(without adaptor) of the hoses (Fig. 4) and screw
it to adaptor A (Fig. 5) .
4. Slide the hose assemblies onto the unit (Fig. 6).
5. Affix the adaptor B into the window slider kit and seal. (Fig. 7&8)
In the COOLING Mode the appliance must be placed close to a window or
opening so that the air outside could be ducted inside the unit and the warm
exhaust air can be ducted outside.
Fig. 9
Fig. 4
Extend the end of hose
Fig. 5
Fig. 3
Slide out
First position unit on a flat floor and make sure there’s a minimum of 30.5cm
clearance around the unit, and is within the vicinity of a single circuit outlet
power source.
Fig. 7
Window Slider Kit
Fig. 8
Window Slider Kit
The hose can be extended from its original length of 38.1cm
up to
139.7cm, but it is the best to keep the length to minimum required. Also
make sure that the hose does not have any sharp bends or sags. (Fig. 9)
Fig. 6
Slide onto
Slide onto