Carrier TP-PAC Thermostat User Manual

ThreeMinute Minimum on Time
In normal operation, when a stage turns on, it will not turn off for a minimum of
3 minutes. If the setpoint is changed, this timer is canceled, allowing the
equipment to turn off immediately when the demand is removed.
Heat/Cool Setpoints (Desired Temperature)
A minimum difference of 1_ and maximum of 6_ is enforced between heating
and cooling desired temperatures. This is done by allowing 1 setting to “push”
the other, to maintain this difference. This difference is adjustable via
Configuration Option 11.
Equipment On Indicators
When cooling equipment is on, a COOL ON icon is displayed. While cooling
equipment operation is delayed by the timeguard or cycle timer, COOL ON will
flash. The same is true for HEAT ON.
When the W is energized in a heat pump, the auxiliary heat on icon will be
Auto Changeover
When auto changeover mode is selected, a change from heat to cool (or vice
versa) will not occur until an opposite mode demand has existed for 20 minutes.
If setpoint is changed, 20minute requirement is deleted.
Emergency Heat Mode
When AC/HP Control is configured as a heat pump and emergency heat is
selected, all Y signals are locked out, and W becomes energized upon a call for