Carrier TP-PAC Thermostat User Manual

Option 27 — Maximum Heating Setpoint
This selection allows the installer to configure the maximum heating setpoint.
The range is based on the adjustable deadband value Option 11, such that the
minimum of the range is 50_F/10_C and the maximum is 90_F/32_C minus the
Default is 88_F/31_C (based on the adjustable deadband default = 2).
Option 28 — UV Light Reminder
This selection allows the installer to select the number of months after which the
UV Light icon will be displayed to indicate to the homeowner that it is time to
call the dealer to have the UV Lights replaced. Selections available are OF (off),
6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48.
OF (off) — The UV Light reminder is turned off and will never be displayed.
648 — The number of months after which the UV Light reminder will be
displayed, “CHECK UV LIGHT”.
Default is OF (off).
Option 30 — Programmable Fan (programmable models only)
This selection allows the homeowner to program the fan selection to “Auto” or
“On” fan operation for each of the program schedule periods. This selection is
only available on programmable models.
OF (off) — Programmable fan is disabled and the homeowner must manually
select “Auto” or “On” for fan operation.
On — Programmable fan is enabled. The homeowner can program “Auto” or
“On” fan operation along with the heat and cool setpoints for each programmed
period. When the program schedule is running, the programmed heat setpoint,
cool setpoint, and fan selection for that period will be used. If the homeowner