Carrier TP-PAC Thermostat User Manual

provides temperature protection for the home in the selected mode, but not
comfort. When vacation mode is active, an arrow will be displayed beside
“VACATION” in the upper left corner of the display.
Vacation Setpoints
A special set of temperature setpoints exist which are active in vacation mode.
They are adjustable by the homeowner, are exclusively for vacation mode, and
are remembered from one vacation selection to the next. See Table 2 for default
Table 2 – Vacation Setpoints Default Values
Fan Auto
Heat Setpoint 55_F/13_C
Cool Setpoint 85_F/29_C
FiveMinute Compressor Timeguard
This timer prevents compressor from starting unless it has been off for at least 5
minutes. It can be overridden for 1 cycle by simultaneously pressing FAN and
UP buttons.
Cycle Timer
Based on the selection of 2, 4, or 6 cycles per hour, this timer is set to 30, 15, or
10 minutes. This much time must elapse from the start of one cycle before
another cycle can start. It serves to impose the cycles per hour limits. It can be
defeated for one cycle by simultaneously pressing the FAN and UP buttons.