Carrier TP-PAC Thermostat User Manual

“overrides” the programmed fan setting by pressing the fan button, the override
selection will remain in effect until the next programmed period time.
Default is OF (off).
Option 31 — Daylight Savings Time Configuration (programmable models
This selection allows the installer to set the thermostat to automatically change
by one hour on the specified day, month, and week specified.
OF (off) — Daylight Savings Time Function disabled.
1,2 On — The first time the UP/DOWN button is pressed, the value of this
selection changes from OF (off) to 1. When 1 is displayed, the days of the week
and clock digits will be turned on. The installer will set the start date (Spring) for
Daylight Savings Time by setting the day of the week by selecting the
appropriate triangle icon next to the days of the week, the month of the year will
be set in the clock hours location (range 112) and the week of the month will be
set in the clock minutes location. The week of the month selections will be F, 2,
3, 4, and L for First, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and Last. So for the first Sunday in April, the
display would show SUN, 4, F. When 2 is displayed, the installer will then
choose the end date for daylight savings time (Fall). To activate the function, the
installer changes the “2” by pressing the up button and “On” is displayed. The
setting shall be left “On” to enable the Daylight Savings Time function.
Default is OF (off).
Option 32 — Furnace Heat Staging Control (available only when the HP
thermostat is configured to operate AC equipment or Heat Only).
1 — Thermostat controls W1 output only and furnace controls the turn on and
turn off of higher stages of heat.