Bissell 18M9 Vacuum Cleaner User Manual 800.237.7691
Clean carpet sensor detects dirt and
debris being picked up while vacuum is
in use.
Red Light: Vacuum picking up dirt.
Alternate to Green and Red:
Slightly soiled area.
Green Light: Vacuum detects clean area.
The indicator tells you when the air
flow in your vacuum is reduced due to
dirty filters or a clog in the hose. The
indicator will remain green until the air
flow is reduced – and then will change
to red. When fully red, the airflow is
greatly reduced or clogged by a dirty
filter; follow instructions on pages 8 & 9
to clean/replace your filters.
Attach desired tool to hose for above
floor cleaning surfaces or hard to reach
1. Remove Hose: with vacuum in upright
position, grasp the Quick Reach Handle
to separate hose from hose base.
2. Attach tools by firmly pushing onto
vacuum hose or extension wand.
A. Combination dusting brush/
upholstery tool:
Rotate for desired use. Use brush side to
dust, blinds, books, lamps, shelves, and
baseboards. Use upholstery side to for
furniture, drapes, and fabrics.
B. Crevice Tool: Use in tight narrow
C. Extension Wand: Use with desired
attachment for longer reach.
D. TurboBrush
Tool: Use rotation
brush action for small flat areas such
as stairs and cushions. Press gently
down and pull towards you in raking
motion; too much pressure will cause
brush to stop rotating.
Clean Carpet Sensor (select models only)
The floor brush will
continue to rotate
while you use your
vacuum for above
floor cleaning. To
prevent carpet dam-
age, do not lean on
the vacuum or let the
powerfoot tilt forward.
Clean Carpet Sensor
Clean Filter Indicator
Clean Filter Indicator (select models only)