Amcor Portable Air Conditioner Air Conditioner User Manual

This Portable AC features the
Innovative AutoDrain NanoMist Technology
Very little excess water should accumulate. If any water
accumulates, refer to “Emptying the Water Container” on page 9.
Drain the condensed water (if any) completely.
Clean or change the fi lter.
Put the unit on a warm day in fan mode for a couple of hours to
ensure that the inside can dry out completely.
Store the power cable as shown, protect the unit against dust (put
back into its original carton) and store in a dry place not accessible
for children.
To protect the unit against dust, store in a dry place not accessible
by children.
Do not stock heavy objects on top of the unit.
Never try to repair or dismantle the air condition yourself. Incompetent repairs result in
loss of warranty and can endanger the user and the property.
Problem Cause Solution
The air
conditioner does
not function.*
No power supply. Make sure the
green light on the plug is lit.
Connect to a functioning outlet and switch on.
Is the power light fl ashing?
Is the water full LED lit?
Empty the drain pan.
The air
conditioner does
not seem to
The unit is in direct sunlight. Close curtains.
Windows or doors open, many
people or a heat source in the room.
Close doors and windows, place an extra air
The filter is dirty. Clean or replace the fi lter.
Air inlet or air outlet blocked. Remove the blockage.
Room temperature lower than the
selected value.
Change temperature selection.
Set at the lowest possible setting: 62°C.
The unit is noisy. Unit stands uneven. Place on an even, solid surface (less vibrations).
The compressor
does not work.
The overheat protection may be
Wait 30 minutes until the temperature has
decreased, then turn on the unit again.
The remote
control does not
Distance too great. Make sure the remote control is correctly
aimed at the control panel.
Remote control signal not detected
by the control panel.
The batteries are drained. Replace the batteries.
* If you plug in the Air Conditioner, and there is no green light on the plug,
press the reset button on the LCDI plug. The green light should be lit,
indicating that the air conditioner is getting power from the electrical outlet.
If the plug continues to trip (which is a USA national safety standard feature)
and the green light goes off, the cord may be damaged preventing you from
resetting the unit. For your safety, contact a licensed electrician.
Reset Button
Green Light
Test Button