Amcor Portable Air Conditioner Air Conditioner User Manual

Press the
ON/OFF-button to switch the unit on or off.
2. Setting the Timer
Press the
TIMER button, which will start the timer counter function.
Each press of the timer button will advance the timer setting by 1 hour, for setting 1-12
hours. If you pass the desired hour setting, you must advance the numbers completely
through 12, to start timer count from 1. When set, the
TIMER LED will light up.
When the set hours have elapsed, the unit will turn off automatically.
The display will show the hour(s) remaining when you press the
TIMER button.
By pressing the
TIMER button but without turning the unit on, you can pre-set in how
many hour(s) the unit will switch on automatically.
3. Setting the Operating Mode
Select the required operating mode:
COOL, FAN, or AUTO. The corresponding LED will lit. In
AUTO mode the unit will select cooling or fan depending on the ambient temperature.
4. Fan Speed
Select the fan speed, the corresponding
LED will lit: LOW or HIGH.
5. Increase UP or DOWN
When the unit is ON, the display
always shows the room temperature.
Press button UP or DOWN to see the current set temperature and adjust if necessary,
in the range of 62ºF to 90ºF. After 8 seconds, the room temperature will be displayed.
Use these buttons to adjust the timer.
Warning lights COMPRESSOR and WATER FULL
When the water container is full, the unit automatically stops, the warning light
will fl ash to signal that the container must be emptied (see page 9, “Emptying The Water
When the unit is cooling, the compressor light will be on. If this light is off further cooling
is not needed at this time, or the compressor may be de-icing its coils.
The fan can still be on.
50 $/7.
5 32 14
Remote control
The air conditioner responds to all signals that are sent by the remote
control. Two AAA-batteries are required to use the remote control.
Point the remote control hand set towards the control panel of the
unit and press the relevant button, the red LED on the hand set will fl ash
whenever a button is pressed.
Note: the air fl ow direction can not be adjusted with the remote control.
Air fl ow
Adjust the left-right direction of the outfl owing air by turning
the roller on the front of the air outlet grill.
Adjust the up/down air fl ow by rotating the air outlet grill.
The compressor will start approximately 3 minutes after the
unit is turned on (this will help prolong the life of the
compressor). After switching the unit off, please wait at least
3 minutes before turning the unit back on.
The compressor will switch off when the room temperature
is lower than the set temperature. The fan will however
continue to work. When ambient temperature rises above
the set temperature, the cooling will resume.