Maytag HE3966T Water Heater User Manual

Troubleshooting (cont'd)
1. Before beginning, turn "OFF" electrical power supply to NOT ENOUGH OR NO HOT WATER
the water heater.
1. In a new installation, the water heater may not be proper-
_" ly connected. Make sure the cold water supply valve is
open. Review and check piping installation. Make sure
that the cold water line is connected to the cold water
inlet to the water heater and the hot water line to the hot
water outlet on the water heater.
2. Make sure the electrical supply to your water heater is
3. Check for loose or blown fuses in your water heater cir-
cuit. Circuit breakers weaken with age and may not han-
a_ WARNING dle their rated load and should be replaced.
any access panels or servicing the water heater,
make sure the electrical supply to the water heater 4. Make certainthe disconnectswitch, if used, isin the
is turned "OFF". Failure to do this could result in "ON" position.
DAMAGE. 5. Check to see the electric service to your house has not
been interrupted. If this is the case, contact the electric
2. Remove the two screws securing the access panel and
remove panel.
6. Axe the thermostats set to the desired temperature? See
3. Remove the insulation block to expose the opening. "Temperature Regulation" section.
4. Reset the high limit by pushing in the red button marked 7. If you had experienced very hot water and now no hot
"RESET". water, the problem may be due to the high temperature
shut off system. See "High Temperature Shut Off
System" in the "Troubleshooting" section.
8. During very cold weather, the incoming water wi]l also be
colder and it will require alonger time to become heated.
9. The hot water usage may exceed the capacity of the water
heater. If so, wait for water heater to recover after abnor-
mal demand. Also examine pipes and faucets for possible
water leaks.
5. Replace the insulation block so that it completely covers
the thermostat and element. 10. If you can not determine the problem, then call the
Maytag Service Department.
6. Replace the access panel.
7. Turn "ON" electric power to the water heater.
Adjust the thermostat to alower setting. See the
"Temperature Regulation" section.
If the high limit must be reset again, call Maytag
Customer Service at 1-800-788-8899 for an autho-
rized servicer to find out why the high limit turned I
"OFF" the electric power. I