Maytag HE3966T Water Heater User Manual

Serviceand Maintenance (cont'd)
Element Cleaning/
Replacement (cont'd)
10. A new gasket should be used in all cases to prevent a pos- 15. Reconnect the two wires to the element and then check
slble water leak. (See Element Gasket in the Repair Parts to make sure the thermostat remains firmly against the
Chart). Place the new element gasket on the thread side surface of the tank.
of the cleaned or new element and screw into tank, secur-
ing tightly using an element wrench.
11. Close the water heater drain valve by turning the handle
to the right (clockwise). The drain valve is on the lower 16. Replace the terminal cover on the thermostat making
front of the water heater, sure that the locking tabs on the terminal cover are in
12. Open the cold water supply valve to the water heater.
NOTE: The cold water supply valve must be left open
when the water heater is in use.
13. To insure complete falling of the tank, allow air to exit by
opening the nearest hot water faucet. Allow water to run
until a constant flow is obtained. This will let air out of
the water heater and the piping.
Never use this water heater unless it is completely
full of water. To prevent damage to the tank and 17. Place the insulation block back in place so that it com-
heating element, the tank must be filled with water, pletely covers the thermostat and element.
Water must flow from the hot water faucet before
turning nON" power.
14. Check element for water leaks. If leakage occurs, tighten
element or repeat steps 2 and 3, remove element and
reposition gasket. Then repeat steps 10 through 14.