Maytag HE3966T Water Heater User Manual

Instructions for Installation (cont'd)
Converting the Lower Element
7.The wire removedfrom terminal 2 has alooped end. It 11.Replacethe accesspanel.
must remain looped and now beplaced (as shown)on top
of the buss bar,over the opening of terminal 2, and secured
using the remaining screw.
8. Tighten terminals 2 and 3 to ensure proper electrical con-
A WARNING 12. Complete wiring to the water heater, or if completed,turn
Failure to tighten terminal screwscan causea fire I "ON" electricpower to thewater heater after fallingthe
which can result in DEATH,SERIOUSBODILYINJURY, tank with water.
9. Replacethe terminalcoveron the thermostat making sure
that the lockingtabson the terminal coverare in place.
Make sure the thermostat isflush against the tank, I
the terminal cover is in place,and the insulation isI
replaced. Failureto do so can result in DEATH,SERI-
10. Place the insulation block back in place so that it com-
pletely coversthe thermostat and element.
Never use this water heater unless it is completely I
full of water. To prevent damage to the tank and I
heating element, the tank must befilled with water. I
Water must flow from the hot water faucet before
turning "ON" power,