Maytag HE2950T Water Heater User Manual

Instructions for Installation (cont'd)
Installation Checklist
1. Whether or not the element conversion is made, the model
rating plate must be marked. Using a hard point ink pen,
check the appropriate block within the model rating plate,
which is located adjacent to the lower access panel.
2. Is the fuse or circuit breaker size correct as shown in the
chart in the "Product Specifications" section?
3. Axe the wires from the circuit breaker or fuse service to the .TEMPERATURE-
water heater's junction box on the correct wire size (gauge) as _ PRESSURE
shown in the chart in the "Product Specifications" section? _ RELIEFVALVE
4. Is the new temperature-pressure relief valve properly
installed, and piped to an adequate drain? See
"Temperature-Pressure Relief Valve" in the "Instructions
for ]nstailation" section, plug)
5. Is the water heater completely filled with water? See
"Filling the Water Heater" instructions in the "Instructions
for Installation sectton.
6. Will a water leak damage anything? See "Locating the
New Water Heater in the Instructions for Installation
7. Axe the cold and hot water lines connected to the water
heater correctly?See "Water Piping" instructions in the
"Instructions for Installation" section. FLOORDRAIN
8. Is there adequate clearance for maintenance around the
water heater?
9. Do you need to call your eiectric company to checkyour _ m ,
wiring? _ _
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