Maytag HE2950T Water Heater User Manual

Instructions for Installation (cont'd)
Temperature-Pressure Relief Valve
At the time of manufacture this water heater was provid- The temperature-p_lve must be manu-
ed with a combinationtemperature-pressuresrelief valve ally operated at least once a year. Caution should be I
certified bya nationally recognizedtesting laboratory that taken to ensure that (1) no one is in front of or I
maintains periodic inspection of production of listed around the outlet of the temperature-pressure relief
equipment or materials, as meeting the requirements for valve discharge line, and (2) the water manually dis- I
Relief Valvesand Automatic Gas Shutoff Devicesfor Hot
charged will not cause any bodily injury or property
Water Supply Systems, and the latest edition of ANSI damage because the water may be extremely hot.
Z21.22 and the code requirements of ASME. If replaced, If after manually operating the valve, it fails to com-
the valve must meet the requirements of localcodes, but pletely reset and continues to release water, immedi-
not lessthan a combination temperature and pressure ately close the cold water inlet to the water heater,
relief valve certified as meeting the requirements for follow the draining instructions, and replace the
ReliefValvesand Automatic Gas Shutoff Devicesfor Hot temperature-pressure relief valve with a new one.
Water SupplySystems,ANSIZ21.22 bya nationally recog-
nizedtesting laboratorythat maintainsperiodicinspection
of productionof listedequipment or materials. HOT
The valve must be marked with a maximum set pressure _ _ [_
not to exceedthe marked hydrostaticworking pressureof
the water heater (150 Ibs./ and a dischargecapacity
not lessthan the water heater input rate as shownon the
model rating plate. (Electric heaters - watts divided by
1000x 3415 equalBTU/Hr.rate.) ,___'_ . r,_
Your localjur|sdictional authority, while mandating the
useof a temperature-pressurerelief valve complyingwith CONDUIT/
ANSIZ21,22 and ASME, may require a valve model differ-
ent from the one furnishedwith the water heater.
Compliance with suchlocalrequirementsmust be satisfied RELIEFVALVE
by the installer or end user of the water heater with a
Iocallyprescribed temperature-pressure relief valve DISCHARGEPIPE
installedin the designatedopening in the water heater in III _ (Donotcapor plug)
placeof the factoryfurnishedvalve.
For safe operation of the water heater, the relief valve
must not be removed from it's designated opening or
The temperature-pressure relief valve must be installed
directlyinto the fitting of the water heater designated for r.-.--t_=
I the relief valve. Positionthe valve downward and provide
tubing sothat any dischargewill exit only within 6 inches
above, or at any distance below the structural floor. Be
certain that no contact is made with any live electrical
part. The discharqe opening must not be blocked or IRGAP
in size und'eranyreduced circumstances.Excessivelength,
over 30 feet, or use of more than four elbows can cause
restrictionand reducethe dischargecapacityof the valve.
No valve or other obstructionisto be placedbetween the V4ARNING "RELIEF VALVE OPENING"
reliefvalve and the tank. Do not connecttubing directly to _==_=d_V_,_A_O_=G.S_H=W_S_S_,_,k_'I__'*=_=___0_*_ _._onTe,_=u. Re_V_N=_._ *_
dischargedrain unlessa 6" air gap isprovided. Toprevent ,_o_, _¢_A,_fQE.
Your _:alc°°ejul_de_Jo_i_ledty, whilemandal_gfileuseof a Temperaturs_essareRsl_efWivecomping
bodily injury, hazardto life, or property damage,the relief _hANBZ21_2andASME.ma_qureavalvem0eqldhf_'e_tl_nthe0ne/umalbed_w_.
valve must be allowed to dischargewater in quantities c_=_,_=_,_,_,,_,_,_
a locallypre_ Temperature-PressureReliefValveinstalledin1hedesign_teqopeninginthe water
should circumstances demand. If the dischargepipe is not _"_
connectedto a drain or other suitable means, the water
TANK ;1' /_,h !: JACKET
flow may cause property damage. F._ G COUPLING
Must not be smallerin sizethan the outlet pipe size of
the valve, or have any reducing couplings or other
restrictions. _RA_B S_
Must not be plugged or blocked. _fa short shank(/e=,,sthan2"1 temperature-pressurerelief vaJveisto be instalisd
Must be of material listedfor hot water distribution. I_eshown),anippleandcouplingmustbeused
Must be installed so as to allow complete drainage of • Ifalongshank(2'orfo_jer)istobeins_llbe,do_tusetbenipp_eandcoupling.
both the temperature-pressurerelief valve, and the dis- "ln_l Temper_re-Pressureprotec_eequipmentreq0iredby k_*a]codes,butnotle= I_ s combina-
tionTemperature-PressureReliefValveced_faid as meetingthe requirementsfor ReliefValvesand
charge pipe. Autome_cGasShutofl.DevcesforBet-WaterBu Systems,ANSZ21,22byana_JonabyrecogNzeqtest-
_g is_oratpffthatmen_m _I_ inseq_onP_p_ offinal equipmentor marian, Thevafw
Must terminate at anadequate drain, _beo.nt_,_o_deq*_,,_,_o_,_,_=_s_g,=_o_ly*_al_h.
Must not have any valve between the relief valve and shove,0ratan_distancebdowthealmcturalfloor,andcar_0tcontactanyliveked/icdparL"
Forsais opera,on0fthewaterheater,theRdiefValvernustnotberemoved0rplu
tank. Seemanualheading- "Temperature*PressureReliefValve'for inst_llationPe_l_d_int_arceofRelief