Kenmore 350 Series Water System User Manual

Care Of Your Water Softener
If the softener is installed where it could freeze (sum-
mer cabin, lake home, etc.), you must drain all water
from it to stop possible freeze damage. To drain the sof-
1. Close the shut-off valve on the house main water
pipe, near the water meter or pressure tank.
2. Open a faucet in the soft water pipes to vent pres-
sure in the softener.
3. Move the stem in a single bypass valve to bypass.
Close the inlet and outlet valve in a 3 valve bypass
system, and open the bypass valve. If you want
water in the house pipes again, reopen the shut-off
valve on the main water pipe.
4. Unplug the transformer at the wall outlet. Remove
the salt hole cover and the main cover. Take off both
drain hoses.
5. Carefully remove the large holding clips at the soften-
er inlet and outlet. Separate the softener from the
plastic installation adaptors, or from the bypass
6. Remove the brinewell cover and disconnect the brine
valve tubing at the nozzle and venturi assembly. Lift
the brine valve out of the brinewell. Tip the brine
valve upside down to drain water.
7. Lay a piece of 2 inch thick board near the floor drain.
Move the softener close to the drain. SLOWLY and
CAREFULLY, tip it over until the rim rests on the
wood block with the inlet and outlet over the drain.
Do not allow the softener’s weight to rest on the
inlet and outlet fittings or they will break.
8. Tip the bottom of the softener up a few inches and
hold until all water has drained. Leave the softener
laying like this until you are ready to use it. Plug the
inlet and outlet with rags to keep dirt, bugs, etc. out.
Floor Drain
Wood Block
FIG. 48
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