Kenmore 350 Series Water System User Manual

Sanitize The Water Softener
Care is taken at the factory to keep your water softener clean
and sanitary. Materials used to make the softener will not
infect or contaminate your water supply, or cause bacteria to
form or grow. However, during shipping, storage, installing
and operating, bacteria could get into the softener.
1. Be certain the bypass valve is pulled out to
“service” position.
2. Lift the salt hole cover and use a pail add up to 3 gallons
of water to the salt storage tank.
3. Remove the brine well cover (Fig. 28) and pour about 3/4
ounce, or 1 to 2 tablespoons, of common 5.25%
, unscent-
ed, household bleach (Clorox, Linco, BoPeep, White Sail,
Eagle, etc.) in the softener brinewell. Replace the brinewell
4. Press the REGENERATION button and hold for 3 seconds
to start a recharge. This first recharge does several things.
• It draws the bleach into and through the softener to sani-
tize it.
• It fills the salt tank to the water level needed.
• It gets all the air out of the resin tank.
• It prepares the resin bed (see page 26) for service and
flushes residual chlorine from the softener.
NOTE: This recharge takes about 2-1/2 to 2-3/4 hours,
depending on the salt type setting.
NOTE: During a recharge the water softener bypasses
raw water to the home. You will not get salty water or
affect the regeneration cycle if water is used at this time.
You can sanitize the softener with or without salt in the
storage tank.
Recommended by the Water Quality Association.
On some water supplies, the water softener may need peri-
odic disinfecting.
Your new Sears softener is now softening the water for your
household needs. However, your WATER HEATER is filled
with hard water. To have fully soft water right away, you can
drain the water heater so it refills with soft water. If you don’t
drain the water heater, it will take a few days before you have
fully soft water.
To drain the water heater, open a hot water faucet and let it
run until the water runs cold. Then close the faucet.
NOTE: If this procedure is performed on a new softener,
water coming from the taps may initially be discolored.
This normally occurs the first time water runs through
the resin bed. The discolored water is not harmful, and
the discoloration will not last more than a few minutes.
Salt Hole Cover
Brinewell Cover
(Remove and
add about
3/4 oz. bleach)
About 3 gallons
FIG. 28
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