Hoover Supreme Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

C. Attach wand
and tools
The tools are attached to the hose
or the wand in the same manner.
Push tool firmly onto hose; twist tool
slightly to tighten or loosen connec-
Use tools with cleaner handle in
upright position.
How to attach tool
The tool cover is designed with a
“break-away” feature which allows it
to snap off if it is pushed open too
far. To reattach, align hinges of
cover with slots on front of tool
storage area. Press cover back into
CAUTION: Agitator continues to rotate while cleaner handle is in upright
position. Avoid tipping cleaner or setting it on furniture, fringed area
rugs, or carpeted stairs during tool use.
How to clean tools
To clean the hose, wipe off dirt with a cloth dampened in a liquid deter-
gent. Rinse with a damp cloth. Cleaning tools may be washed in warm
water with a detergent. Rinse and air dry before using.
B. Select proper
cleaning tool
The cleaning tools have many uses.
Select the tool best suited for the
cleaning task from the descriptions
1. Dusting brush may be used for
carved furniture, table tops, books,
lamps, lighting fixtures, venetian
blinds, baseboards, shutters, and
2. Furniture nozzle may be used
for upholstered furniture, draperies,
tapestries, mattresses, clothing,
automobile interiors, and carpeted
3. Crevice tool may be used in tight
spaces, corners and along edges in
such places as dresser drawers,
upholstered furniture, stairs, and
4. Wand is used to give extra length
to your hose. Attach it to any of the
above tools.
The cleaning tools allow you to do
specific cleaning tasks and to clean
hard to reach areas.
The tool set includes a hose,
extension wand, crevice tool,
furniture nozzle and dusting brush.
Cleaning tools
A. Move nozzle
control knob
Slide nozzle control knob to the
Cleaning Tools setting to divert
suction to hose and cleaning tools.
Return knob to floor setting when
tool use is complete.