Haier No. 0010572410 Air Conditioner User Manual

The followings are not malfunction
When the air conditioner is started, when the compressor starts or
stops during operation or when the air conditioner is stopped, it
sometimes sounds "shuru shuru" or "gobo gobo". It is the flowing
sound of the refrigerant, and it is not a trouble.
Water flowing
sound is heard.
This is caused by heat expansion or contraction of plastics.
Cracking sound is heard.
It smells.
Air which blows out from the indoor unit sometimes smells.
The smell results from residents of tobacco smoke or cosmetics
stuck inside of unit.
When the air conditioner is used at restaurant etc. where dense
edible oil fume is always exists, white fog sometimes blows out
of air outlet during operation.
In this case consult sales dealer for cleaning the heat exchanger.
During operation,
white fog comes
out of indoor unit.
Unit does
not start
Wait for
It is switched into the FAN mode
during cooling.
To prevent frost from being accumulated on the indoor unit heat
exchanger, it is sometimes automatically switched to the FAN mode
but it will soon return to the cooling mode.
Even if the operation switch is turned on, cooling, dehumidifying
or heating is not operable for three minutes after the conditioner is
stopped. Because the protecting circuit is activated.
(During this time air conditioner operates in fan
The air conditioner can not be
restarted soon after it stops.
Air does not blow or the fan
speed can not be changed during
During operation, operation mode
has changed over automatically.
Water or steam generates from
the outdoor unit during heating.
When it is excessively cooled during dehumidifying, the blower
automatically repeats reducing and lowering the fan speed.
Isn't the AUTO mode selected?
In the case of AUTO mode, operation mode is changed automati-
cally from cooling to heating or vise-versa according to the room
This results when frost accumulated on the outdoor unit is removed
(during defrosting operation).