Haier No. 0010572410 Air Conditioner User Manual

Points to observe
Turn off the power supply switch. Do not touch with wet hand.
Do not use hot water or volatileliquid.
Do not
Tooth powder
1. Clean the air filter by lightly tapping it or with the cleaner. It is more
effective to clean the air filter with water.
If the air filter is very dirty, dissolve neutral detergent in the lukewarm
water (approx. 30*), rinse the air filter in the water, and thoroughly
wash the air filter off the detergent in the plain water.
2. After drying the air filter, set it up on the air conditioner.
Do not dry the air filter with fire.
Do not run the air conditioner without the air filter.
Do not open the inlet grill until fan stops completely.
Fan will continue rotating for a while by the law of inertia after operation is being stopped.
Pre-Season Care
See that there are no obstacles blocking the air inlet and air outlet of both indoor and outdoor units.
Make sure that the air filter is not dirty.
Cut in the power supply switch 12 hours before starting run.
Post-Season Care
Operate the unit with FAN mode on a fair day for about half a day to dry the inside of the unit well.
Stop operation and turn off the power supply switch. Electric power is consumed even the air conditioner is in stop.
Clean the air filter and set it in the place.
Care and Cleaning of the unit
Clean with soft and dry cloth.
If it is very dirty, dissolve neutral detergent in the lukewarm water and make the cloth wet with the water.
After wiping, clean off the detergent using clean water.