Frigidaire FSC09CH8MV Air Conditioner User Manual

Product description
Front panel frame
Front panel
Air filter
(inside the front panel)
Horizontal airflow grille
Vertical airflow louver
indoor temperature sensor
(inside the frontal panel)
Display panel
infrared signal receiver
Connection for the drain hose and
for the refrigerant pipe
Remote controller
Electric wiring
Stop valve
Drain hose,
refrigerant connecting pipe
Air outlet
All drawing and illustrations of this
manual are juste for general
information. The product that you
purchased can be slightly different.
Air inlet
Air outlet
Indoor unit
Outdoor unit
Display panel
(indoor unit)
infrared signal receptor
Auto: When you set the air
conditioner to AUTO mode, the
indicator starts flashing.
Defrost (only heating model): This
indicator illuminates when the air
conditioner starts defrosting
automatically or when the warm air
control feature is activated in
heating operation.
Fan only: When you set the air
conditioner to FAN mode only, the
indicator starts flashing.
Digital display: Displays the
temperature settings when the air
conditioner is operational.
Operation: This indicator flashes
once per second after power is on
and illuminates when the air
conditioner is in operation.
Timer: This indicator illuminates
when TIMER is set ON.