Frigidaire FSC09CH8MV Air Conditioner User Manual

Choosing the installation site
Precautions for installation
Installation at the following sites may cause problems. If you must inevitably
install the unit at one of these sites, please consult your local distributor
1. Site with machine oil.
2. Sites with a high concentration of salinity, such as coastal areas.
3. Sites with sulfuric gas, such as hot water springs.
4. Sites with high frequency equipment, such as wireless equipment, welding
machines and medical installations.
5. Sites with flammable gases or volatile material.
6. Sites with special environmental conditions.
7. Laundry rooms.
indoor unit
1. The unit must be installed at a site
that does not obstruct the flow of
2. The site must support the weight of
the indoor unit.
3. The site must be easily accessible
for maintenance and replacement
of the air filter.
4. The site must allow for the
necessary space around the
indoor unit, as shown in the
following figure.
5. There should be at least 1 meter (3
feet) between the unit and radio
and television devices. It is ideal
that the unit be installed at the
center of the environment.
6. It must be far from fire, smoke or
flammable gases.
7. The indoor unit must be at least
2.3 meters (7.5 feet) from the
8. The site must allow for the easy
removal of the connector pipe and
drain hose.
9. The unit must be installed at a site
protected from direct sunlight.
More than
than 15cm
than 230cm
than 12cm
Outdoor unit
1. The outdoor unit must be installed at a convenient site that is not exposed
to strong winds. The site should be dry and well ventilated.
2. The site must support the weight of the outdoor unit and allow for vertical
3. There must not be the possibility of increased noise and vibration at the
4. The unit must be installed at a site where the noise produced by its
operation and air discharge does not disturb the neighbors or animals.
5. The site cannot have any leakage of flammable gases.
6. The site must allow for a piping extension of no less than 5 meters (16 feet)
and for pipes measuring at least 10 meters (33 feet) in length.
7. The site must provide enough space around the unit, as shown in the
8. Children must not be able to access the installation site.
than 10cm
than 60cm
than 60cm