Frigidaire 2020219A0951 Air Conditioner User Manual

Installation Instructions
See Step 5, Item 4 of Window Mounting Instructions for bottom rail seal location.
Masonry Construction
1. Cut or build a wall opening in the masonry wall similar to the frame construction (refer to Step 2 of Thru-the-Wall
2. Secure cabinet in place using masonry nails, or the right masonry anchor screws. (Another way to secure cabinet is
to build a frame in the masonry wall such as the one shown in Fig. 3 of Step 2 Prepare Wall. Securely anchor frame to
3. Install a lintel to support masonry wall above cabinet. Existing holes in cabinet can be used and/or additions holes
can be drilled to fasten cabinet at various positions. Be sure that side louver clearance is in accordance with Step 1
Select Wall Location.
4. Install exterior cabinet support brackets as shown in Step 3 of Thru-the-Wall Installation. Caulk or flash if needed, to
provide a weather-tight seal around top and sides of cabinet.
5. To complete installation, apply wood trim molding around room side projection of cabinet.
6. Install air conditioner into cabinet by following all steps in Step 9 of Window Mounting.
OPTIONAL: Caulking and installation of trim on interior wall may be done. You can buy wood from your local lumber or
hardware supply. On the outside, caulk opendings around top and sides of cabinet, and all sides of wood sleeve to the
Support bracket
Sill angle bracket
Wooden strip