Eureka 100-110 Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

How To Use
CAUTION: Do not plug in cleaner until you understand all controls and features.
1. Telescoping Handle. The handle has two positions,
all the way up or all the way down.
2. Handle Release Button. Push in on this button when
you want to raise or lower the handle.
3. Hand Vac Release Button. Push in on this button to
release hand vac from body.
4. Crevice Tool. The crevice tool is stored in the body of
the vacuum behind the dust cup.
5. Three Position On/Off Switch. O = Off, I = Suction
and IIIII = suction with brush roll.
6. Dust Cup Release Button. Push in on this button to
release dust cup from hand vac.
7. Charger Inlet. To charge unit, insert charger connector
into cleaner.
8. Charger Connector. After connecting to cleaner, plug
charger into 120V outlet to charge cleaner.
9. Charging Light. The light will come on when the unit is
Charge the Batteries
Note: Charge the batteries for 14-16 hours before
rst use. A cleaner may lose charge in
shipment. The charger plug may become warm,
however, this is not a cause for concern.
Note: If the batteries are completely discharged, the
charging light may not shine until there is
sufcient charge in the batteries to provide power.
You may leave the cleaner on constant charge so it is
always ready to use. Unplug only if it will not be in use for
several weeks at a time.