Carrier TCSNAC01 Thermostat User Manual

NOTE: If 2 dashes (---- ) appear, your thermostat does not include
the outdoor temperature function or the function is not working
properly. Check with your dealer if you are unsure.
Service filter feature
Your thermostat reminds you when it’s time to change or clean
your filter by displaying the SERVICE FILTER indicator.
1. Press the RESET FILTER button after you have changed or
cleaned your filter to restart the timer.
Fig. 1 -- Battery Change
Battery change out
If the installation requires the usage of batteries, the batteries will
require replacement every 12 months.
1. Grasp the front housing of the thermostat along the left side.
2. Carefully pull the front housing away from the back mount-
ing base.
3. Find the two AA batteries along the bottom in back of the
front housing.
4. Remove the batteries from the back of the front housing.
5. Install two new AA Alkaline batteries following the + / --
polarity markings.
6. Carefully align the front housing with the plastic guides on
the right side of the back mounting base.
7. Carefully swing the left towards the back mounting base
until it snaps into place.
NOTE: If installation is hard--wired, batteries are not required or
will not need replacement.
Your thermostat provides complete, automatic control over heating
and cooling with auto changeover. Auto changeover means your
system will automatically heat or cool as needed to maintain your
temperature set points.
Auto changeover makes life easier because you no longer have to
manually switch the thermostat between heating or cooling
operation. Just set your heating and cooling set points and let the
system do the rest!
NOTE: If auto changeover is not necessary in your area of the
country, your installer may disable the AUTO mode feature.
The AUXILIARY HEAT indicator is displayed...
The AUX HEAT indicator appears on the heat pump version of the
thermostat only. It is displayed when your system is operating on
auxiliary heat.
NOTE: This indicator does not reflect a problem with your
The SERVICE FILTER indicator is displayed...
The SERVICE FILTER indicator tells you when to clean or replace
your air filter. Press the RESET FILTER button after cleaning or
replacing the filter to turn off the indicator and reset the system.
NOTE: This indicator does not reflect a problem with your
You have a system error message...
The temperature sensor failure indicator sends a “-- --” reading to the
LCD display. This means your thermostat’s temperature sensor is
no longer able to measure temperatures. You will need to contact
your dealer to repair the problem.
An E2 reading on the LCD display means there is not enough
voltage for the system to operate. Contact your dealer for further
If the outdoor air temperature sensor is absent, the outdoor
temperature reading will be “----”.
The batteries are l ow...
If the batteries are l ow, the display will indicate a low battery signal
on the thermostat. Replace the batteries with two AA alkaline
NOTE: If the product is hard --wired by the installer, the batteries
will never have to be replaced.
Auxiliary Heat
Most heat pump systems require a supplemental heating source,
called auxiliary heat, to maintain your comfort when outdoor
temperatures fall significantly. Your thermostat lets you know
when your home is being warmed with supplemental heat.
Service Filter
Your system’s air filter will require regular cleaning to reduce the
dirt and dust in the system and your indoor air. The SERVICE
FILTER indicator lets you know when it’s time to clean the filter.
Your system’s fan can run continuously or only as called for during
heating or cooling. Continuous operation helps with air circulation
and cleaning. Automatic operation provides energy savings. Press
the FAN button to make your choice.
Mode refers to the type of operation your system is set up to
perform. Mode settings include: OFF, HEAT, COOL, and AUTO.
Heat pump systems also include EMERGENCY HEAT (EHEAT).
Reset Filter
The reset filter function turns off t he SERVICE FILTER indicator
and r estarts the system. Press the RESET FILTER button after
you’ve cleaned and replaced the system’s air filter.
Set Point
The heating and cooling temperature set points you wish the
system to maintain and have entered into the t hermostat. The actual
room temperature will automatically be displayed, but you can
check the desired temperature by pressing either the UP or DOWN
button. While the SET TEMP indicator is lit, press the MODE
button to display the desired temperature set points for the other
Temperature Sensor
The temperature sensor measures the current indoor or outdoor
temperatures which are displayed on the thermostat.
Up and Down Buttons
These buttons are used to set your desired temperature set points.
This thermostat includes a five--year limited w arranty. For detailed
warranty information, please refer to the All Product Limited
Warranty Card included in your information packet. This
thermostat is also eligible for manufacturer’s extended system
warranties. Ask your dealer for details on extended warranties for
longer--term protection.
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