Carrier 53DFS250-FS Thermostat User Manual

Important i Before you Begin
When using unoccupied modes, Auto fan speed must be
selected. Manual fan speed should not be used for unoc-
cupied operation. Auto Fan speed must be used to pre-
vent the system from entering the coil freeze protection
cycle or in heating, the high-pressure protection cycle.
(See Advanced Setup section for fan speed selection.)
If different heating and/or cooling temperature set points
are desired Monday through Friday at different times of
the day, two occupied periods must be programmed. To
adjust set points and times for the two occupied periods:
If the space to be controlled should have a designated
temperature from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through
Friday and for the remainder of the day have an alternate
or setback temperature set point set to stop at 5:00 p.m.,
program the Occupied 2 mode at 12:00 a.m. to
12:00 a.m. at the alternate temperature set point.
NOTE: If one occupied period starts and stops within
another occupied period the lower occupied number has
If additional setback is desired for Saturday and Sunday,
program Occupied 1 from 12:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. for
both Saturday and Sunday at the desired temperature.
Pross the Mode button. While holding the Mode button,
press the Up button for 2 seconds to enter time period
MODE O programming.
Select the maximum number
of occupied periods to be
(_ used on any one day.
(1,2 or 3)
_) Adjust the cooling
set point for occupied 1.
_j) (35 to 99 F)
Adjust the heating
(_ set point foroccupied 1.
(35 to 99 F)
Adjust the cooling _f,_l
set point for unoccupied COOL
(_ pedods.
(35 to 99 F)
Adjust the heating
(_ set point for unoccupied HEAT
periods. _,
(35 to 99 F) _
NOTE: If no Unoccupied Mode witl be used, press the Mode button and pro-
ceed to the next step.
,//" ,\
Select the day for
Occupied 1.
(Mo - Su)
I t=lM
Adjust the start time
for occupied 1.
Adjust the stop time _ • _1 _l Pm
for occupied 1.
Select Occupied 1 to run
on this day (On), or not to
run this day (Off).
The copy command becomes avail-
able after the maximum number of
occupied periods are programmed in
a day. This example uses 1as the
maximum occupied periods ever pro-
grammed in one day.
Select Yes or No to copy _ I_
the previous day's I I &!
program to this day. Tu
LU ou
Selecting Yes, then pressing Mode will copy the previous day's program and
then will ask the same copy question again. If yes is selected each time, this
routine will repeat until Saturday is copied to Sunday. After Saturday is copied
to Sunday, the copy command is unavailable.
Select the day Tu
for Occupied t.
(Tu - Mo)
2i .uu
Adiust the start time
for occupied 1.
• U U Pm
Adjust the stop time
for occupied I.
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