Bosch Appliances GWH 2400 ES NG Water Heater User Manual

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Maintenance and service
To select fan speed:
B Press ON/OFF button into OFF.
B Press and hold "Program" button and press
ON/OFF button to turn appliance ON.
Fig. 57
B As soon as '188' is displayed, release "Program"
button , and the display should read P2.
B Press or to choose the fan speed suitable
with your installation, see Table 19.
B Press and hold (± 5 sec.) “Program” button until
the display flashes, then the selected value is
Mode Pipe Length
1) Full equivalent length (inlet+outlet+fittings). Do not
count terminals and first elbow used on intake and
Fan speed
for 3 ft up to 19 ft 6
for 20 ft until 46 ft 7
for 47 ft until 52 ft 8
Table 19Fan speed adjustment