Blue Rhino 81000 Electric Heater User Manual

Owner’s manual and assembly instructions: 81000 portable outdoor heater 3/3/03
Contact 1-800-762-1142 for assistance.
Do not return to place of purchase.
Step 2–Attach Top Wire Guard
Line up 4 prongs on Wire Guard Bottom with 4 holes on Emitter
Bottom, and Insert.
Note: It may be necessary to adjust the prongs slightly to line them up
with the holes.
Step 3–Attach Dome to Emitter
Line up three studs in Emitter with holes in Dome. Slide Dome
carefully over studs, clamping Top Wire Guard securely in place.
Note: It may be necessary to adjust prongs of the Top Wire Guard
slightly to provide a secure fit.
Install (3) Nuts on studs and tighten with 7/16” wrench.
Do not over tighten.
Step 4–Attach Dome Cap
Lay Dome Cap on Dome covering 3 Nuts and line up center holes.
Insert threaded end of Finial through Cap and screw into center of
Dome until secure.