Blue Rhino 81000 Electric Heater User Manual

Owner’s manual and assembly instructions: 81000 portable outdoor heater 3/3/03
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Do not return to place of purchase.
Step 9 – Securing the Tank
Mount your 20 lb. cylinder to a sturdy object such as a table or post
within 3 to 4 feet of your heater when in use, this will prevent movement
or tipping of the cylinder during operation.
The clamp on the cylinder ring will attach to any round pole from 1” to
2” in diameter, or a square post from 1” to 2” square. It will also adapt to
various other shapes up to 2” wide.
Determine where to locate your 20 lb. cylinder. Be sure that it is within
2” what you are mounting it to.
Place the bracket halves around the object and insert the 2” bolts
through the open holes in one bracket and into the matching threaded
holes in the second bracket. Position bracket within 6” of the middle of
the cylinder. Finger tighten bolts.
Slide the 20 lb. cylinder into the curved portion of the bracket, making
sure strapping ends are not between cylinder and bracket. Enclose
cylinder in strap and securely tighten strap in buckle.
Using a 7/16” wrench, tighten the 2” bolts until they are secure. DO
In some cases you may wish to secure your cylinder to a larger object
or a wall. It is possible to mount the bracket attached to the straps to
these surfaces by drilling matching holes and using screws and nuts or
lag screws (not provided) to secure your cylinder.
Note: Once you have read “safety first” and successfully completed
Steps 1 – 9, you are ready to begin operating your heater.