Bissell 12U9 Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

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Manual/Hose Cleaning
Cleaner will not run
Possible Causes Remedies
1. Power cord not plugged in. 1. Check electrical plug.
Blown fuse/tripped breaker. 2. Replace household fuse or
reset breaker.
Hose not removed from receiver. 3. Remove Hose.
Unusual or Odd Noise
Possible Causes Remedies
1. Clean/Solution tank is out of fluid. 1. Fill Clean Solution Tank.
Reduced or No Spray
Possible Causes Remedies
1. Spray Tip clogged on Tough Stain Brush. 1. Clean Spray Tip.
Clean/Solution tank is out of fluid. 2. Fill Clean/Solution Tank.
Clean/Solution tank is not inserted 3. Gently press the Clean/Solution
into the unit securely. Tank until you see “bubbles”
coming from the base of the tank.
No Suction
Possible Causes Remedies
1. Tank is full. 1. Empty tank.
Dirty/Collection tank latch is not down. 2. Push latch down, securely
into place.
Black Valve on the Dirty/Collection 3. Replace Black Valve into Dirty/
Tank is missing. Collection tank.
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