Samsung DJ68-00264B Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

12_ How to operate
How to operate
Attachment tools can be used to clean furniture,
drapes, stairs, or in corners.
Place the vacuum on the floor with handle in the upright
position while using attachment tools.
Cleaning tools
Put the cleaner in the upright position to stop the brush-roll rotating, or simply
press the brush-roll on/off button.
Push down and pull out the handle, while pressing the pipe release button.
Remove the hose and handle from the slot.
The air flow is automatically inverted by the smart inverter.
Choose any of the handy accessories or use the hose alone.
Simply push the attachment firmly into the end of the extension wand.
To remove tool, twist and pull apart gently.
The stretch hose is extended for long reach and upstairs.
Do not put the your Vacuum cleaner above you on the stairs when cleaning the
Ensure it is positioned against up the bottom stairs.