Nilfisk-Advance America GR 8000 Boiler User Manual

Lift the machine out of the box.
Carefully place the machine on its side in order
to assemble the wheels securely.
!! A flat surface is required which will not
scratch or damage the surfaces of the machine.
Diagram D – Back wheel assembly. Using a 10 mm spanner remove the bolts from the
machine and place the assembly into place towards the back of the machine. Tighten the
bolts securely ensuring no movement on the brackets.
Diagram D – Casters with Brake x 2. Remove bolts from the machine and position into place
towards front of the machine. Tighten securely ensuring no movement on the brackets.
Once all the wheels are fully assembled, resume the machine to its upright position.
Place Tubular Handle (Diagram D) in position on the back of the machine and secure using
the 4 x Plastic Wing Nuts (Diagram D).
!! Do not screw them all the way in at this point.
Place Wire Basket (Diagram D) over the Wing Nuts and tighten up to secure.
Check all accessories are present in the box as shown in Diagram C & D.
This is an electrical product – Do not use in wet weather or allow the machine to get wet.
Do not discharge steam towards people, danger of scolding. Or towards equipment containing
electrical components
Never allow children to play with this appliance.
Do not use the machine for other purposes that it was built for.
Please remember that the steam cleaner operates at temperatures in excess of 170°C. Never use it
on objects, which cannot resist the temperature (delicate materials, fabrics, plastics, wood etc).
Where any doubt exists check carefully on a part of the material where minor marks will not matter.
Do not operate the machine or carry out any maintenance out on it
Unless you are trained and authorised to do so
Unless you have read and thoroughly understand this instruction manual.
This machine has been designed with your safety in mind, however it is important that
you observe the following points for safe operation during the operating procedure