Kenmore 420 Series Water System User Manual

Faceplate Timer Features
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The ultra cleansing feature keeps larger particles of sedi-
ment from entering the home’s plumbing system. As
water passes through the softener, the larger sediment
particles are collected in the integrated basket and then
rinsed to the drain before each regeneration. The ultra
cleansing feature provides added protection for water
using appliances by reducing the chance of larger parti-
cles entering the various products valves and screens. An
extra backwash will be preprogrammed into the electron-
ics by the factory. This extra backwash will help keep the
ultra cleansing feature screen clean.
Important: The ultra cleansing feature is not intended
to replace pretreatment filtration. For problem water
applications, additional sediment filtration is recom-
Sears offers a full line of dedicated sediment filtration
Ultra Cleansing Screen
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