JVC CA-HXZ7V Indoor Furnishings User Manual

To connect surround speakers
By connecting surround speakers to the SURROUND
SPEAKERS jacks you can enjoy surround effect.
Connect the right surround speaker to the RIGHT jack.
Connect the left surround speaker to the LEFT jack.
Connecting Other Equipment
You can connect both analog and digital equipment.
DO NOT connect any equipment while the power
is on.
DO NOT plug in any equipment until all connections
are complete.
To connect an analog component
Be sure that the plugs of the audio cords are colored: White
plugs and jacks are for left audio signals, and red ones for
right audio signals.
For playing the other equipment through this unit,
connect between the audio output jacks on the other
equipment and AUX jacks by using an audio cord (not
To connect a TV set
You can connet a TV with a video input jack: used as a
monitor for video CD playback.
Audio equipment
To audio output
Adjusting the Voltage Selector
Before plugging in the unit, set the correct voltage for your
area with the voltage selector on the rear of the unit.
Use a screwdriver to rotate the voltage selector so that the
voltage number and the voltage mark is pointing at the same
voltage as where you are plugging in the unit. (See the back
cover page.)
DO NOT plug in before setting the voltage selector
on the rear of the unit and all connection
procedures are complete.
Now, you can plug the AC power cord.
If the wall outlet does not match the AC plug, use the
supplied AC plug adaptor.
IMPORTANT: Be sure to check all connections to be done
before plugging the AC power cord into a wall outlet.
Canceling the Demonstration
When connecting the AC power cord into a wall outlet, the
unit automatically starts the demonstration.
To cancel the demonstration, press and hold
CANCEL/DEMO until “DEMO OFF” appears
on the display.
To cancel only beep sounds during the
demonstration, press BEEP ON/OFF on
the remote control.
When you press other buttons
The demonstration stops temporarily. It will start automatically
again (if no operation is done for 2 minutes) unless you cancel it by
pressing CANCEL/DEMO.
To start the demonstration manually
Press and hold CANCEL/DEMO again until “DEMO START”
appears on the display.
Voltage mark
To video input
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