Hunter Fan 53236 Fan User Manual
M3520-01 • 04/19/13 • © Hunter Fan Company
Excessive wobbling
Tighten all of the blade and
blade iron screws until they
are snug.
Turn the power off, support
the fan carefully, and check
that the hanger ball is
properly seated.
Use the provided balancing
kit and instructions to balance
the fan.
Noisy Operation
Tighten the blade and blade
iron screws until they are snug.
Check to see if any of the
blades are cracked. If so, replace
all of the blades.
Fan doesn’t work
Make sure power switch is on.
Pull the pull chain to make sure
it is on.
Push the motor reversing switch
rmly left or right to ensure that
it is engaged.
Check the circuit breaker to
ensure the power is turned on.
Make sure the blades spin freely.
Turn off power from the circuit
breaker, then loosen the canopy
and check all the connections
according to the wiring diagram
on page 10.
Check the plug connection in
the switch housing.
Lights dim when turned on or
do not turn on at all.
Make sure the wattage of the
light bulbs installed matches
the specications on the light